I’m a Minneapolis based photographer moonlighting as a creative and technical consultant. In addition to these, my skills range from actor/model, project manager, film maker, and programmer.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Digital Art. This was a jump from entering university to become an architect.

As a visual creative, my influences have always been based on artistry combined with maths and sciences. Growing up, I was always creating or experimenting in various manners. I could be found drawing, sculpting, or even making my own fireworks. Overall, my creations are about spatial awareness, balance, combined with functional creativity. M.C. Escher was one such artist that incorporated these aspects.

On Photography

I was first given my own camera in 1999, but I did not begin shooting more prolifically until 2006. Since that time, I’ve always had a camera with me; be it an SLR, a point & shoot, or a mobile phone. These devices have allowed me to deliver my visual persepctive to the world.

I am moved by the simplicity and balance. I like to capture patterns, colors, and shapes. These are often subtly found in nature. When combined with architecture, a delicate balance is created that gives way to visual harmony.

I capture my subjects using a variety of camera. Most often, for high resolution work, I use a Canon 5Dmk2. In addition to a dSLR, I use an iPhone, a variety of polaroid cameras, and even some hand made cameras.

My work is a way for me to express my view of the world. I present a unique view of what is often relegated as mundane, commonplace, or just otherwise dismissed. I showcase these with unique and simplified perspective. I wish to present the hidden complexity of systems using welcoming visual harmony.